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Following his visit to the Ecuadorian Embassy not long ago, he told reporters directly after his meeting with Assange that he could no longer remember what he had done in the embassy. But now I do politics for 40 hours a week, so I have got a lot of time to do other things. Farage also has ties to Stephen Bannon, Trump's campaign manager and the former head of the pseudo-journalistic website Breitbart.

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Because you want to write a story about the Wiki Leaks founder? ZEIT ONLINE: What do you mean when you say, "journalistic reasons? If you look at what I do today, I used to do politics 100 hours a week. Last summer, the platform published emails from Hillary Clinton, an event which had a significant influence on the U. Farage, for his part, is an acquaintance of Donald Trump's and was the first politician to visit Trump following his election victory. ZEIT ONLINE: You just said it was a journalistic meeting, for the public. ZEIT ONLINE: Are you going to publish an article soon about your connections to Wiki Leaks and your meeting with Assange?


But I did it for journalistic reasons, not for political reasons. ZEIT ONLINE: You have transformed yourself from a politician to an entertainer? ZEIT ONLINE: Entertainers tend to be paid well for the job. Neither he nor Farage, the spokesman says, want to talk about Farage's connections to the Wiki Leaks founder or to Russia. Assange and Wiki Leaks are suspected of having connections to hackers in Russia. I wouldn’t have taken it, even if it had been offered.



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