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The kitchen is one of the places that buyers look closely at when considering whether or not they will purchase your property.

According to a full-gut kitchen renovation averages a 75 percent return rate (i.e., average cost: ,000; resale value/ROI: ,500).


They are into big spaces," says Kristin Wellins, Senior Manager of Program Development for ERA Real Estate.

Here's what veteran real estate professionals from around the country say are the best value home improvements, whether you are selling now or in the future.

Knock out a non-structural wall, or even remove that kitchen island.

“If granite and flagstone seem to be the local flavor, hopefully yours will be similar.” Don’t over-improve, Corbett cautions. Simple upgrades—faucets, lighting, cabinet pulls—don’t cost a lot and may be enough to give the house a fresh look. Remove a wall between the kitchen and dining or living area, or remove extra overhead cabinets that block the view.


And remember, the best way to make your home appealing to buyers costs nothing: clean up and declutter.However, you may be able to get more or less value depending on what parts you choose to renovate and which you leave as-is.



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