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George Fredrickson cites Loïc Wacquant, "a prominent sociologist of race" as advocating, "forsaking once and for all the inflammatory and exceedingly ductile category of 'racism' save as a descriptive term referring to empirically analyzable doctrines about beliefs about 'race'." Fredrickson, George M.“Anthroposophy and Ecofascism” has sparked a debate within Scandinavian humanist circles, with some authors like Peter Normann Waage lining up to defend anthroposophy as a harmless variant of humanism.It was Steiner's explicit and repeated opposition to racism that caused Anthroposophy to be denounced in no uncertain terms by the Nazi government of Germany in 1935[3].Yet Steiner did express a belief to the effect that that there are heritable characteristics, possessed by members of our species, that allow a grouping into five races, in such a way that all the members of these races share certain traits and tendencies with each other that they do not share with members of any other race.Successful farming recognizes terrestrial and universal forces.Rudolf Steiner was born in a still-standing house in the Austro-Hungarian village of Murakirály, now the Croatian village of Donji Kraljevec.



This means that schools built upon the anthroposophical worldview and managed by anthroposophists are a danger to true German education […]” 4.1 While we are encouraged by this long overdue debate, we are troubled by the degree of historical naiveté it has revealed.


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