Sexy hidden camera clip

Both Bill and Connor were tall, large men with wide shoulders and big hands.

While part of him was flattered that Lucy would go for guys that looked like him, it also worried him a bit. "Large and tall was what proper men should look like." Without even being fully conscious of what he was doing, Bill rewound the clip to their most intense petting session and his eyes locked onto Connors's hand as it briefly squeezed Lucy's breasts. "Nothing about pot on there, so no need to keep it." He took a few deep breaths before getting up and going out to work on his car. As she browsed pictures of him from last summer, from the very day when she had met him on the beach, she smiled softly, acknowledging the faint but perceptible throb between her legs. Connor was jumping during a beach volleyball game, both his arms in the air and she could see his wide, powerful chest in full glory.

At eighteen and while she was living under his roof, Lucy also knew that this was the limit.

Yet Bill smiled, thinking "Poor guy." Despite being her father, Bill was fully aware that Lucy was remarkably beautiful and sexy.

Bright green eyes, long reddish blonde hair waving way below her shoulders and a sprinkling of light freckles on her cheeks, she stood out in any crowd.

She still had the long-limped, coltish look of a teenager, but in the past six months her breasts and hips had really started to grow and Lucy looked more and more like a stunning young woman, still learning to dress appropriately.

The thing was that Bill didn't actually know what pot smoke smelled like. A couple of weeks ago he had decided that he had to know for sure and had bought the camera. Lucy and her boyfriend often spent evenings more or less alone in the basement whilst Bill was upstairs.

He was pretty sure they wouldn't smoke while he was in the house, but when he wasn't and so for the following week he gave them opportunity to be alone in the basement. They did spend some time down there, and the camera was working as intended.

Voyeur teen chicks exhibiting lovely wet thong cameltoes!The ceiling had never been properly finished, and with all the piping and cabling already there, this small camera would be essentially invisible.


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