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On 15 July 1945, the 225th AAFBU was inactivated and Rapid City AAB was placed on standby status as the Army Air Forces began to demobilize.Rapid City AAB was reactivated on 11 October 1945 and was assigned to Continental Air Force.Additionally, the group directs the implementation of plans supporting pre-planned and contingency mobility taskings in support of national objectives.Provides mission essential “city” services at home and combat support services while deployed.Nearly 40 percent of military members and civilians stationed at Ellsworth are part of the 28 MSG team which maintains the base infrastructure by providing essential services to military members, Department of Defense civilians, retirees and their family members.


As of 2017, the 28th Bomb Wing is commanded by Colonel John Edwards Ellsworth AFB is 10 miles east of Rapid City, S. The relationship between Ellsworth and Rapid City was exemplified by Ellsworth's main entrance, a gift from the citizens of Rapid City, constructed to symbolize a B-52 Stratofortress, one of the aircraft formerly flown by the 28th Bomb Wing. The mission of the 28th Bomb Wing is to deliver combat power for global military response.

Additionally, the group supports the base community through fire protection, disaster preparedness, family support.

Recreational opportunities are also provided in the form of clubs, fitness facilities, the base library and other sport-related activities.

The airfield was again temporarily shut down from September 1946 – March 1947 and underwent a major construction program to upgrade the temporary wartime facilities to that of a permanent base.


The runway was extended to accommodate the B-29 Superfortress, which was completed in the spring of 1948, along with a major overhaul of base facilities.The airfield had three concrete runways, 7050x300(N/S), 7000x300(E/W), 7872x300(NW/SE).


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