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They also discovered a huge quantity of silver in which they later exploited to increase their reserve to payback their war debts in Europe.

Kingdom of Sardinia Italian Volunteer Army Supported by: Provisional Government of Milan Republic of San Marco Kingdom of Sicily Grand Duchy of Tuscany Duchy of Modena and Reggio Duchy of Parma and Piacenza Roman Republic) was part of the Risorgimento.

The battles were particularly heated in Milan, were the commander of the army of Lombardy-Venetia, Marshal Josef Radetzky, was forced to abandon the city.

As a result of this, other revolts broke out in Lombardy-Venetia, such as that at Como.

Spain was locate at the west Iberia which is surrouded by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and Mediterannean Sea to the east.

This provided a good place for sea exploration with many cities having ports such as Barcelona.

Spain was also isolated from mainland european invasions before the 17th century.3) Foreign policy.

The catholic monarchs of Spain married their daughter, Joanna the mad to Phillip the handsome, duke of Burgundy who is the son of the Holy Roman Emperor, Maximilian of habsburg.

The part of the conflict which was fought by King Charles Albert against Austria in northern Italy was a Royal war and consisted of two campaigns.In the popular war with the internal revolutionaries, the Kingdom of Two Sicilies and the Papal States found themselves on the opposite side to the one they were on in the royal war, in which they initially supported Piedmont.


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