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Meanwhile, Zendaya will next be seen in The Greatest Showman about P. Barnum, the creator and founder of the Barnum & Bailey Circus.

The musical drama stars Hugh Jackman in the lead role with Michelle Williams as his wife, Charity.

They laughed off reports that they were dating back in the summer, taking to Twitter to scotch the rumors.

But Spider-Man: Homecoming co-stars Zendaya and Tom Holland, both 21, have been seen enjoying each other's company several times since then.

Zendaya and Tom Holland have wasted no time in denouncing rumors that they are dating one another.


They have great banter back and forth.'The TV star, 20, and the import, 21, have been spotted together very often in the past year but it was always explained they were either shooting Spider-Man or promoting it.

The film, which also co-stars Zac Efron, hits theaters on December 20.

The British actor has a role in a host of movies throughout the next two years, including reprising his role as Spidey for Avengers: Infinity War, along with Spies In Disguise and Chaos Walking.

This is the third time Spider-Man stars have fallen in love.


The first time was with Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire when they made 2002's Spider-Man, but they split before 2007’s Spider-Man 3.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield began dating on 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man.



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