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And, the interactive screen saver alerts you to the new info that's arrived. Forward Mail 1.0 is small program that scans the Inbox folder for all incoming e-mail (including faxes) and forwards it to an address you choose.This can be a user on your internal system, a fax recipient, or any other valid e-mail address.Binary Boy Version Number 1.00f Description: Binary Boy can search immediately or wait until a scheduled time, then dial your isp, collect all attachments matching your search criteria and hang up. Search and filter globally or create search strings for each individual newsgroup. Blowfish Advanced 95 - high secure file encryptor and wipe utility for Windows 95/NT. Allows multiple services, automatic start, and many other features. Comm Net supports Zmodem file transfers and TTY, VT100, and full-color PC ANSI with dial-up and Telnet sessions.Military-grade encryption with Blowfish, Blowfish32, GOST, TDES and Cobra. COMTIMER v 1.13b for Windows 95 is designed to aid the user in keeping track of his usage of Internet.

It makes the Web fast and easy because Free Loader delivers daily suggestions about the hottest web sites in fourteen categories so you always know what's cool.

Smart Surf Online Usage Monitor v1.20 - FREE package to automatically monitor online usage and costs. Disk [2/2]WS-TIMER 6.01 is designed to help an Internet user to keep track of his/hers time online. One for each sessions, one for daily usage and another for monthly. WS-TIMER is Shareware, registration is only .00 USD. Not crippled (just a registration reminder after file transfer).


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    Perhaps the most famous one of all-time involved Yankees great Joe Di Maggio, whose greatest achievement on the diamond — a 56-game hitting streak — ended 74 years ago today.

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    The process of account creation takes only two or three minutes.

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