Continuous updating gmm estimator

NBER recession dates - Filter functions movavg, bkfilt and hpfilt: offer greater control via additional optional arguments - Add new functions, digamma, kdensity, monthlen and epochday (the latter two are calendrical) - Add new built-in constant: "macheps" gets the machine precision - OS X package: add icons and associations for gretl data, script and session files - Add compile-time option to use openmp for multi-threaded matrix multiplication - Fix bug: crash on exact collinearity when estimating a system of equations - Fix bug: broken test output in tsls when the matrix of instruments is near to rank-deficient - Fix bug: errors in Exponential Moving Average in GUI - Fix bug: non-ASCII characters not handled in function package upload to server - Fix bug: double normal cdf did not handle correctly some corner cases - Fix bugs 2944000, 2956109 - Fix font-encoding issues on MS Windows: session-names with non-ASCII characters were not appearing in the gretl title bar; and the encoding was getting broken between copy and paste, e.g.

[Back to top] - change *nix library name to libgretl-1.0 - improve sizing of some windows - incorporate new translations - update appearance of gtk-1.2 version of gui - fix the stats available in connection with a LAD model - open the champagne (hope this is not premature! (for tr [Back to top] - fix bug in progress bar when loading large data set - fix bad "smpl -r" bug in gretlcli - add Ramsey's RESET test (command "reset") - improve consistency of editing commands - more translation fixes - small La Te X output fixes - fix gnuplot PNG output for gnuplot version 3.8 - fix encoding for gnuplot postscript output under NLS - fix pango encoding issue for gnuplot axis label strings - fix gnuplot "keyspec" bug - add auto-scaling of gui windows if the user has selected a large font - add printing of rho (used in quasi-differencing) to La Te X output for corc and hilu models - enhanced support for Wooldridge data files - add "-t" flag to print command: print variables to ten significant digits - improve saving of scalar variables, and documentation of same - updates to full manual - make names and labels for monthly and quarterly dummies more descriptive 2002-10-10 Version 1.

2002-08-25 Version 0.999 [Back to top] - add support for gtk 2.0 and gnome 2.0 - enhanced gui with gtk 2.0 - add "make check" target to test against the NIST reference data files for numerical accuracy - improve support for building on win32 - bug fixes in boxplot functions - always show 6 significant figures for coefficient estimates and standard errors in regression output - numerous NLS/translation fixes, improvements - NLS translation of Te X model results - bug fixes for Excel importer - reorganization of gui source files - fix bug in random variable generation in gui - add support for data files from Jeffrey Wooldridge's econometrics textbook - scrap ugly overloading of "clear_model" function - fix miscellaneous bugs revealed by valgrind - raise library version to 16.0.0 2002-07-09 Version 0.998 [Back to top] - increment library version to 15.0.0 - update Spanish translations - fixes to RPM build process - switch to more accurate (cephes) algorithms for p-values - add materials for building gretl on win32 - try to support LC_NUMERIC conversion automagically - add option to Preferences to enable/disable localized LC_NUMERIC - fix listings of recently opened files on menus under NLS - fix up formatting of fitted/residual printout - activate translations of "session" popup menus - extend La Te X menu for models with choice of saving as full document or tex fragment for inclusion in document - correct over-eager rejection of some variable names in data files ("c" and "C") - recompile gretl_with new zlib dll - fixes to graph editing (this got broken by NLS changes) 2002-05-28 Version 0.997 [Back to top] - increment library version to 14.0.1 - NLS fixes: disable "foreign" LC_NUMERIC for the present; gnuplot graphs should work now; some missing translations are activated; minor formatting improvements - screen scalars out of variable list in graph selection dialogs - ensure appropriate headers are included in workbook.c - enable daily data in gretl databases - fix bug in daily calendar (printed dates wrong at end of some years) - portability fixes to configure script 2002-05-24 Version 0.996 [Back to top] - Raise library version to 14.0.0 - closing a session clears the selector dialog presets - fix bug with scalar data and the data-editing spreadsheet - revert boxplots to the older selection dialog (so user can add boolean conditions) - Regressions: print warning when data matrix is close to singularity - add Gnu Multiple Precision plugin for running multiple precision OLS regressions (unix only, so far) - Add Spanish translations and make enabling NLS the default - Try to fix the win32 GUI font for high-res monitors - tweaks to the configure script - updates to the help files and manual 2002-05-15 Version 0.995 [Back to top] - Raise library version to 13.0.0 - numerous small updates to facilitate internationalization - give the user a choice of delimiters (comma, space or tab) when importing or exporting "CSV" data - strengthen checks on invalid variable names in data files - improve recognition of scalars versus vectors in genr - fix bug in Create Dataset: undated data appeared as "annual" - add descriptive report on dataset to Data menu - fix bug in writing Utilities/R session: R data set was being written in wrong (CSV) format - fix bug: datafile name was not being cleared on Close Session - refinements to Makefiles: don't expand CFLAGS multiple times - handle spaces in filenames when stacking the "open" command - fix bugs with editing gnuplot graphs - get win32 La Te X view working properly - bugfixes for gnumeric and excel spreadsheet importers - bugfix: unitialized data in cointegration test with constant - add new, improved dialog box for specifying models, etc.


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